Friday, August 17, 2012

Easy Orchid Care

Recently we had the pleasure of filming one of our episode features in Naples, Florida at The Home Depot with the best! in the biz when it comes to Orchid's "Better-Gro". In the many years I've been producing and hosting the "Eye On Gardening" TV Series the one common problem I've experienced with gardener's tossing in the towel with Orchids is... their taking care of orchids the same way they do their other plants.... Orchid's are sooper easy to care for, really :) but they are basically "air-plants" so you must get a basic idea on exactly what they need to be successful. Believe me you can be an Orchid Expert! you just need some basic care & info and you're on your way to an aweosme Orchid Garden!

Start with a simple easy to read book from "Better-Gro" which will easily be found in most garden centers, then take your time in selecting the right plant for your location needs and you'll be on your way! Best Tip for starter's... "No Wet Feet" for Orchids, their roots cannot sit in water, nor can they take excessive watering, a little water will go a long way with these awesome, but misunderstood, garden specimens. Each week I'll be sharing gardening tips for the novice to expert gardener's in this blog and I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to stop by our website for more info on our programs, and "Like" us on facebook at for more tips, video's and more... for more Orchid info here's Better-Gro's link

See Ya! Soon Enjoy You're Garden Adventures...

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