Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sustainable Home Vegetable Gardening -Not So Easy

Over the course of my 20+ years in The Green Industry while earning my B.S. Horticulture &  A.S. Turfgrass Management/Science from the University of Florida, and thereafter Countless Hours of in Field Experience and Operations Supervision and Technical Support Functions across the country.... Believe me when I tell you "Think Twice" before you start a home garden thinking you'll cut down on groceries at the local supermarket. I have consulted with many a homeowner who had a great plan, their heart was in the right place, and they got the vegetable garden built.

However, once they've got all their plants in
( tomatoes,beans,cucumbers,squash etc) and in the weeks thereafter with careful watering and fertilizing thinking their on the way  to the "Mother Load" of Produce!!  then "The Bugs and Disease Hit" and wipe out 2/3 of their hard work, time & passion. At this point "most" gardeners move on to "Silk Plants" :) Not Really, but you know what I mean... The Fun, Excitement & Joy of Gardening and having "Home Grown Veggies" is somewhat diminished.

Bottom Line... It Can Be Done! ;) However, you need to consider taking some local gardening classes, decide the crop you'll want, gather facts from flyers & fact sheets from your "Local" Cooperative Extension Office (University Extension Agent) and get an idea of what you're getting yourself into. The local  extension office will be able to help get you on your way to possible success, of course the burden will lie with you whether the garden fails or flourishes. Also when selecting the crop you'll start with begin with "easy to grow" vegetable with low insect/disease thresholds. You also need to know in advance "How Many Hours" you're willing to commit to the garden, most vegetable gardening, say a 12x12 plot would usually need 6-8 hrs per wk to inspect,water,treat,weed & care for the garden for it to succeed. If you live in the Southern Region of The U.S. allow 10-20 hrs. wkly due to high humidity promoting heavy disease/rot & insect issues.

And I Highly Recommend when either Fertilizing or Treating For Insects.... Use "Organic" products vs "Pesticides"... but at some point you may need to hire a local gardener to apply chemicals if you're garden has become over ridden with pest or disease problems. I waould also suggest you start small maybe a 6x6 garden to see how it goes? and check with local city and county agencies to make sure you can indeed be able to have a vegetable garden, many times some cities or "Homeowners Associations" will not allow.

Here is a link from an "Organic Supply" company I am familiar with and used for years - "Gardens Alive" - They will have all the items,books and suggestions to help you be successful. But most of all don't be discouraged if you fail the first time, many gardeners do. Just keep learning and growing in knowledge, and in No Time You'll Be On You're Way!!

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