Saturday, September 8, 2012

Grit's to Control Fire Ants ?

If you're like me I really try to find alternative methods to controlling insect issues around the home & garden areas. Before I run out & spray insecticides ( which sometimes may be needed ) I'll usually try an organic method. Today we're going to address the dreaded "Fire Ant" Here's a cool tip & very earth friendly way of controlling these painful invader's of your home garden.
Once you've located  (1) or more "Fire Ant" mounds in your garden... pick up some "White Grit's" yeah... really "cooking grits" :) mix in some brown sugar, and the sprinkle the grits/sugar mix over and around the mound... "Do Not" stir or disturb the mound!! just let the grits lay there as a food supply for these nasty little rascal's... in a few days go back & check the mound & Wallah! GoodBye Fire Ants!! This is "not" an immediate kill, but a gradual & effective kill over a few days.
Here's the scoop.... the sugar attracts the insect, the ants then take the food down into the mound to feed the "queen" then everybody chows down on the grits! the grit's then "expand internally" within the insect therefore killing them pretty quikly! Will they come back? yep! just continue treating for continued control. If you have of course very heavy "Fire Ant" issues... you may need to contract a pest control company to help you get a handle on the issue.
Though you may find this idea silly? once you try it... you'll be pleased :)
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Dull Mower Blades Spell Disaster For Lawns

Did you know University Research Shows the "Leading Cause" for Turfgrass Decline is "Dull Mower Blades"... We'll it's true. Dull Blades account for millions $$ of dollars annually across the U.S. for homeowners needing to replace their lawns due to insect,disease, and drought stress. By mowing with dull blades your lawn is constanly under stress!! disease pathogens like leafspot,brown patch, blight & others to enther the leafblade via the "torn edges" at the top of the leafblade.

Check with your local University Cooperative Extension Office to find this & more information for "free" via their informative flyer's, where you'll find the proper mowing height, blade sharpening suggestions,watering & more for the turfgrass in your region of the country. What's the 2nd leading cause of turf decline?? Mowing turfgrass "too low"... which also provides an environment for disaster!! couple dull blades & mowing too low & you're gonna feel it in your wallet!!

Also, mowing too low starves the turf from the much needed nutrition which is actually "stored" in the leafblades, mowing too low also allows for more sun exposure to the soil profile... therefore promoting unnessary water stress issues and more....

I hope this simple information is helful in preventing you from experiencing the costly effects encountered by not correcting these simple to resolve maintenance practice's for your home lawns.

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